Have you ever explored the inside of a clock? It is a miracle in motion. Tiny cogwheels are working in unison, and, most of the time, very reliably so. An even greater miracle, however, is our body. The minute we take our first breath, all our organs start collaborating completely automatically. Strict orders are sent from the brain through our body. Our body knows instinctively what to do, how to act and react when we are sick, exercising, or resting.

Have you ever tried to give such orders to your body?

When purchasing a new cell phone, we automatically buy a fitting protective cover for it, too. So what about our body? Who actually tells us how we function best and how to treat our body with care and tenderness?

Let’s give it a try. With the following exercises you will learn to breathe into specific regions of your body, to really feel your body and to energize it. Additional oxygen activates various sources of energy / power. Focusing on the individual organs supports their activities / functionalities and will help you to gain a better understanding and deeper awareness of yourself.

Take your time for this exercise. You can practice with friends or schoolmates. The more regularly you do these exercises, the better you will get to know yourself and the better you will be able to specifically energize your body. Of course, all your organs work automatically; however, they will function longer and better, if you treat them with loving care and support them.

Mister Breath guides us! We call him «SIR»!!

Breathe IN and OUT! Root your feet and soles in the ground and through the earth!

Reach up while breathing IN! Explore the LYMPHS under your arms! Breathe OUT!

Breathe IN to the left where your HEART is! Bend to the left. Stretch your LUNGS!

Stretch to the right! Arms up and weight down into the heels! Feel your LUNG!

OUT! Into the candle! IN! Turn to the left. Stretch your LIVER! OUT! Back to the center!

The same to the right side! IN! LIVER, enjoy! OUT into table!

Take a DEEP breath! Right arm to left toes! Clap your left KIDNEY with your left hand! OUT into the table!

Now the other side! Touch your right KIDNEY! OUT into table!


Arms UP in the air! Shoulder blades touch each other while breathing OUT!

A couple of natural BREATHS!

Yes SIR! Well done!

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