English language videos with German subtitles

Breath and Breathing

We all breathe of course, but we seldom consciously use the ways in which breathing can help us focus. Breathing may seem simple, but it is not. How do you breathe? Where do you feel your breath? How does it feel?

My Body, My Friend

My body is something like a miracle. Not only is my body my best friend, but it even functions all by itself! Isn’t that just incredible? The more careful we treat our «miracle», the better it will be functioning.

Open Thinking

Most of the things we worry about never actually happen, but that doesn’t stop us from worrying. By taking a couple of breaths we can put a little distance between us and our worries, so that they don’t rule our lives.

Mindfulness In Motion

When purchasing a new cell phone, we automatically buy a fitting protective cover for it, too. So what about our body? Who actually tells us how we function best and how to treat our body with care and tenderness?


My love for beautiful colors, exquisite textiles and aromas goes back to my earliest childhood. Isn’t it just wonderful that we are able to experience this intensive awareness of our senses – smelling, seeing, sensing, tasting?

Mindful Language

A proverb says: «What goes around, comes around.» One is treated the same way as one treats other people. Although we are well aware of that, it often seems to slip our minds in everyday life.

Calm And Cool-Headedness

It’s impossible to remain calm all the time. But once you have learned to observe yourself, you can choose to be calm at any moment. Take a breath and pause to choose your actions a little more wisely.

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